Can I sell my Used, Worn & Unwashed Panties on

Feb 07, 2019
YES!  Unlike many other classifieds or auction sites out there such as eBay, Kijiji and CraigsList which have banned or no longer allow the sales of woman’s used underwear / undergarments, myBad Canada’s Adult Classifieds / Auctions allows members to buy and sell women’s used panties, worn pantyhose, soiled socks etc.
We welcome your sales of such items and also encourage you to use our free services to list your unmentionables and earn 100% of the profits.

myBad also has categories for men’s used underwear sales & Trans ( Ladyboy, Shemale, Tranny, T-Girl ), Crossdress ( CD ) used underwear sales.

Please read the following two articles to gain more knowledge on how to sell your panties and to understand the market it involves:

Selling Used Panties On myBad Adult Classifieds   &  Used Panty Sellers Marketplace
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