Folk Festival. Undercover cops

La description
We had a great time over the weekend, thank you to all the volunteers.
I noticed several undercover officers, that stood out , and they were patrolling the banks of the river on both sides,
It was actually comical, the one guy had a huge Motorola Wilkie talkie in has back pocket, it was visible from 1/2 a mile away, do you really think the time and energy spent at the granola, calm music festival, could not have been spent in a more productive area of the city?
I guess it is there last kick at the can, and they have their ticket quotas to fill, since it is the end of the month.
I wish the officers had been patrolling the dark eau Claire bike path after the concert, when I was accosted by some weird crack heads.
What is the point of filing a complaint even?
Just my thoughts....
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